How Can Custom Cleanroom Designs Adapt to My Industry’s Requirements?

How Can Custom Cleanroom Designs Adapt to My Industry’s Requirements?

In today’s world, cleanliness isn’t just a virtue – it’s a necessity. Here at Angstrom Technology, we’re experts in tailoring cleanrooms to meet the unique needs of various industrial applications. From automotive to life sciences and beyond, we’ll explore how custom cleanroom designs can be implemented to meet industry requirements and keep businesses thriving. 

Discover the Vital Role of Cleanroom Designs

Cleanrooms are controlled environments engineered to minimize contamination from particles, microorganisms, and other impurities by precisely regulating air quality, temperature, humidity, and pressure. Achieving this level of control requires meticulous design, construction, and ongoing maintenance. 

Cleanrooms are implemented in a wide array of industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals to aerospace. In some fields, the tiniest of particles or microbes can lead to product defects or health hazards, so cleanrooms have become an invaluable tool.

The need for custom cleanroom designs tailored to industry-specific requirements cannot be overstated. Each sector presents unique challenges, including stringent cleanliness standards and specific regulations. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach does not suffice when it comes to cleanrooms. 

Attempting to apply a uniform design to vastly different industries risks compromising the quality and safety of products and can result in regulatory non-compliance. Custom cleanroom designs address these challenges head-on by adapting to the precise needs of each industry. 

To learn more about specific cleanroom classifications and standards, check out our helpful Classifications & Standards page. 

Cleanroom Designs Across Popular Industries:

At Angstrom Technology, we offer dynamic and flexible cleanroom designs, ensuring that your environment aligns seamlessly with the objectives and standards of your industry. We utilize custom designs so you can achieve the highest level of cleanliness, precision, and product integrity. 

Below, we will showcase some of the most popular sectors we work with when creating custom modular cleanrooms. Don’t your field? No worries! We work with many companies that differ from what’s listed below. Email or call our team and discover what we can do for you. 


The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on cleanrooms for drug manufacturing and research. Sterile environments are paramount to ensure product safety and regulatory compliance.

pharmaceutical cleanroom projectPharmaceutical cleanrooms must adhere to stringent regulations. The industry requires cleanliness down to the molecular level to ensure drug purity and patient safety.

Angstrom Technology Custom Cleanroom Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry:

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to heavy government regulation, and pharmaceutical cleanrooms must meet stringent cGMP standards and requirements. You can be assured that Angstrom Technology designs, constructs, and installs the highest-quality pharmaceutical cleanrooms in the business. 


In the automotive sector, cleanrooms are indispensable for manufacturing sensitive components. Precision is the name of the game, as even a speck of dust can impact the performance of critical parts.

automotive projectAutomotive cleanrooms must accommodate a variety of components, from delicate electronic systems to robust engine parts. Each type of component presents its unique contamination challenges.

Angstrom Technology Custom Cleanroom Solutions for the Automotive Industry:

Angstrom Technology designs, builds, and installs top-of-the-line cleanrooms to meet the needs of the automotive industry. Our automotive cleanrooms can meet any classification requirements and are ideally suited for automotive innovation, component manufacturing, and quality testing applications.


Aerospace companies utilize cleanrooms for the production of aircraft components. The slightest impurity could compromise the structural integrity of these parts and have massive effects on production.

aerospace projectAerospace cleanrooms must always meet the regulated levels of the industry. The challenge is maintaining cleanliness while dealing with large and complex parts, as even a tiny defect could have catastrophic consequences.

Angstrom Technology Custom Cleanroom Solutions for the Aerospace Industry:

When it comes to the rigorous cleanroom classifications of the aerospace industry, Angstrom Technology creates the best modular cleanrooms available. All of our cleanroom builds comply with US building and safety codes and are complete with the fixtures and systems you need to use right away. 

Cell and Gene Therapy

A one-size-fits-all approach to cleanrooms drastically falls short when dealing with the intricacies of cell and gene therapy. These revolutionary therapies involve manipulating and administering living cells and genetic materials, making the need for pristine, contamination-free environments paramount. 

Cell and gene therapy have their own distinct set of requirements, including the need for ultra-sterile conditions to ensure patient safety and therapy effectiveness. Custom cleanrooms are designed to tailor to this innovative field’s stringent standards and specialized needs, thereby playing a crucial role in advancing life-saving treatments and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Angstrom Technology Custom Cleanroom Solutions for the Cell and Gene Therapy Industry:

Cell and gene therapies require complex production processes requiring cellular engineering, genetic engineering, growth, and purification. All these operations must be carried out in a controlled environment to ensure safe, reliable, and repeatable results. You can be sure that our cleanrooms meet all the necessary ISO classification requirements. 

Life Sciences

Life sciences is a multifaceted field encompassing many applications, from biotechnology and medical device manufacturing to research and development in genetics and microbiology. Cleanrooms play a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and innovation of this industry.

biopharma cleanroomCustom cleanrooms provide tailored solutions to cater to the unique needs of each life sciences subsector. They ensure that the environment is precisely aligned with the industry’s specific cleanliness, safety, and operational standards, thereby facilitating groundbreaking research, the production of life-saving therapies, and the advancement of knowledge in the life sciences field.

Angstrom Technology Custom Cleanroom Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry:

The Angstrom Technology Life Sciences Division (ATLSD) has quickly emerged as a leader in cutting-edge products and services for cleanrooms, dry rooms, and cold rooms. We’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in the industry, focusing on how integrated teams can provide the best project approach for compliance and success.

Partner with Angstrom Technology for Your Industry-Specific Cleanroom Needs

If you’re seeking tailored cleanroom solutions for your industry, Angstrom Technology is ready to be your dedicated partner in crafting contamination-free environments. Our proven expertise in custom cleanroom designs spans various sectors, ensuring compliance, precision, and product integrity. 

Don’t compromise when it comes to the cleanliness and safety of your operations. Reach out to Angstrom Technology today and discover how we can help you meet your industry-specific cleanroom needs!

Angstrom Technology Appoints Jennifer Biro, President, of Its Life Sciences Division

Angstrom Technology Appoints Jennifer Biro, President, of Its Life Sciences Division

Angstrom Technology, a trusted leader in providing expert technical services for over 30 years, is proud to announce the launch of its new Life Sciences Division. This strategic move comes as a response to the growing demand for high-quality services in the life sciences industry and is a testament to Angstrom Technology’s commitment to exceeding client expectations.

Building upon three decades of successful and compliant projects, the Life Sciences Division is dedicated to delivering the highest level of technical expertise, client satisfaction, transparency and flexibility while upholding the company’s core values of integrity and quality. Jennifer Biro, President, joins the established team to lead the Life Sciences Division. Angstrom Technology recognizes the critical nature of clean rooms, dry rooms, and cold rooms in the life sciences and technical sectors and is poised to provide turnkey solutions with the most optionality that set industry standards.

Karan Rai, Chairman of the Board at Angstrom, and Managing Partner at private equity firm ASGARD Partners expressed excitement about the launch of the Life Sciences Division, saying, “Our customers have made it clear that they want us to have a more pronounced and focused presence in the Life Sciences markets and that is exactly what we are building. We are fully committed to supporting the company with all investments and resources required to deliver the best design and build technical expertise and customer service to our Life Sciences clients. We are going to be a major player in this space and are building a world class team which starts with bringing Jennifer Biro on board as President to lead this new division.”

“Bringing Jennifer Biro to lead our new Life Science Division was a strategic decision to ensure Angstrom Technology’s growth and development in the marketplace. Jennifer’s leadership skills coupled with her decades of experience, work ethic and trusted connections with people in the industry will add to our ability to deliver the best product and service to our customers” said Karan Rai, “Jennifer’s energy, passion, and resolve are essential as we work to take full advantage of our expanded product offerings in a cost-conscious, competitive global marketplace.” Rai added “Biro’s new leadership will provide a balance of both strategic and executional focus. At Angstrom, all our key hiring decisions begin with the customer in mind. I know hiring Jennifer will enable us to build a highly customer focused team in our Life Sciences Division.”

“I am honored to have this opportunity to join Angstrom Technology — a company whose values I share and respect,” said Jennifer Biro. “Leading our efforts in the Life Science Division, ensuring that all of our stakeholders — clients, partners, and colleagues — benefit from our technical services and product portfolio along with world-class customer service and innovation, is incredibly exciting.”

With her background and expertise, Biro is well-positioned to contribute to any company’s national and international awareness efforts. Her skills in business development, marketing, and strategic development make her an asset in driving initiatives to expand the client base and increase market sector penetration. Jennifer Biro, President, is also spearheading an innovative and collaborative project, The Cleanroom Design Center of America, located at the Budd Bioworks in northern Philadelphia.

As Angstrom Technology’s Life Sciences Division takes its first steps, it does so with a strong foundation of experience, dedication, and a clear vision for the future. For more information about Angstrom Technology and its Life Sciences division, please visit

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Angstrom Technology is a respected leader in providing expert technical services for clean rooms, dry rooms, and cold rooms. With over 30 years of experience, the company is known for its flexibility, optionality, commitment to quality, integrity, and client satisfaction. Angstrom Technology’s Life Sciences division is dedicated to delivering the highest level of expertise and turnkey solutions for the life sciences, healthcare, microelectronics, battery, medical device and technical market sectors.

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