Air Circulation

Air circulation and change rate is paramount to a well constructed cleanroom. Without proper air movement, your process and product are not receiving the desired clean air, and become susceptible to contamination. At Angstrom Technology, we understand the importance of proper air flow and utilize a proven design to ensure your process and products are getting the protection they require.

Laminar Air Flow

Most cleanrooms use laminar air flow to control contamination. Laminar air flow is essentially an air flow that only goes in one direction, in most cases, down. Laminar air flow hoods are installed on the ceiling of your cleanroom, and direct air downwards. In the case of SoftWall cleanrooms, where there is generally a gap between the wall and the floor, particles are blown out the gap, ensuring the increased cleanliness of the room. In the cases of RigidWall and HardWall cleanrooms, filters are installed around the bottom of the walls, which then re-filter the air back into the room.

Air circulation is one of the most important parts of protecting the integrity of your cleanroom. If you have questions about your cleanroom air circulation, or are considering purchasing a cleanroom, call Angstrom Technology today. We design custom cleanrooms, engineered specifically for your unique company and business. Whether you need a SoftWall cleanroom, or a complete HardWall cleanroom, Angstrom Technology has the equipment and the supplies to construct a cleanroom exactly to your specifications.


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