Cleanroom Ceilings & Lighting

When you’re deciding how to build your cleanroom, it’s important to remember that your ceiling is often the most important “wall” in the room. If you think about it, particles fall. Where do they fall from? The ceiling. So, you want to make sure your ceiling is as clean and particle free as possible. At Angstrom Technology we offer multiple different options for your ceiling tiles and your ceiling construction, so that you can choose the option that best fits your cleanroom needs.

What type of cleanroom ceilings does Angstrom Technology provide?

Since we supply our clients with custom built and designed cleanrooms, whatever specifications you need for your cleanroom, we’re happy to provide. That being said, here are the most popular types of cleanroom ceiling systems:

Ceiling Grids

2” Gasket Grid: This ceiling grid system provides the ultimate combination of versatility and functionality. It is easy to install, and is simple to build upon in case you decide to expand your cleanroom. The 2” gasket grid system with aluminum extrusions, is compatible with all standard filters, blank ceiling tiles, and lighting options. It comes in standard sizes of 2x2, 2x4, and 4x4, but as always, we can create a custom grid size for your cleanroom as well.

1-½” Gasket Grid: The best option for many diverse applications, a 1-½” gasket grid ceiling system can be configured to work for all sorts of industries, such as: hospital industries, medical applications, microelectronics, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries. Requiring no extra tools, this system provides an easy installation, as the parts just clip together. The 1-½” face tee on this gasketed grid ensures that all HEPA filter systems and light fixtures are properly supported.

Ceiling Tiles

At Angstrom Technology, we offer the finest quality materials, because we understand how cleanrooms work. From the floor to the ceiling, if you don’t have the right materials, your cleanroom won’t meet the standards you need. That’s why we sell only fully encapsulated gypsum ceiling tiles, which are faced with vinyl on the front and back sides, and have completely sealed edges. These ceiling tiles meet both international and national standards for cleanroom design, and they are specifically designed for maximum cleanliness, and low particulate emission. To make sure that your cleanroom stays clean, and lasts you its complete lifetime, ceiling tiles are also scrubbable, sanitary, and accepted by the USDA.

What type of Cleanroom Lighting does Angstrom Technology provide?

Flow Through: A flow through lighting module creates a light source, using fluorescent-tube lights, that allows the lights to be placed directly under the filter/fan system, without obstructing air flow. This is a great lighting option because you won’t have to sacrifice on effective headspace, like you would with teardrop lighting, but you still get the airflow you need, along with quality, fluorescent lighting.

Standard: There are all kinds of standard lighting modules, many of which are available in both LED or fluorescent options, allowing you to completely customize your cleanroom to whatever standards you like. Here are the most common options:

LED light panel: A great way to ensure bright light in all corners of your cleanroom, LED light panels function to eliminate crevices and seams that can accumulate contaminants, and also allows your cleanroom to maintain negative or positive pressure balances. Also available in a dimmable model, so you get exactly the amount of light you need, when you need it.

LED light strips: If you’re looking to maximize your cleanroom space, but still get optimal lighting, the LED light strips might be the option for you. They attach to the ceiling grid T-bar, completely out of the way of any filter or air flow, decreasing the chances of turbulent air in your cleanroom. They also don’t hang down like other lighting fixtures, ensuring you get the most out of your cleanroom space. Additionally, LED lights produce much less heat, are more energy efficient, and can last up to five times longer than most fluorescent lights, meaning over time, you’ll spend less money and will have to conduct less maintenance by installing LED light strips.

Fluorescent ceiling module: If you have the ceiling space to install them, fluorescent modules are a versatile and completely functional option. These fluorescent ceiling modules created specifically for cleanrooms house four T8 fluorescent light tubes, and are corrosion, dust, and water resistant.

Teardrop lights: Constructed for high-standard cleanrooms that require full-ceiling filter coverage, these fluorescent lights minimize obstruction of laminar air flow. They’re a great, out of the way choice that allows you to keep up the airflow you need, without having to spend the extra money on LED light strips. If your cleanroom is shorter, however, remember that these light fixtures do hang down a bit, and can potentially reduce the amount of effective headspace.


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