Angstrom Technology designs and builds cleanrooms for all industries, tailoring each cleanroom to reflect the unique needs of the application. Our controlled cleanroom environments are made using prefabricated modular panels.

Angstrom Technology’s modular aerospace and defense cleanrooms are fully reusable, reconfigurable, and reliable. Modular panels come insulated to your specifications to seal in clean air, act as a barrier against contaminants, and give you total control of your environment. Modular cleanrooms are easier and less expensive to install than building a cleanroom onsite and offer better control, performance, and energy efficiency.

We understand when it comes to aerospace and defense cleanrooms, it’s never one size fits all. That’s why our modular cleanrooms are fully customizable for optimal control over temperature, humidity, and air filtration. Our defense and aerospace cleanrooms meet ISO, ASTM, NASA, and other industry-specific cleanroom standards, and function efficiently and safely for your products and facility staff.


Aerospace and Defense Cleanrooms are crucial for the development of aircraft and spacecraft hardware, fine electronics, optical devices, and more. To support the important products and components they manufacture, assemble, and test, the aerospace and defense industries need full control over the cleanroom environment to limit contamination by particles on hardware surfaces. A modular aerospace cleanroom is designed to limit the introduction of contaminants into your cleanroom, limit exposure to contaminants while in the cleanroom, and continually remove contaminating particles from the air. 

The cleanroom itself must also be safe for the processes within its walls, for products and employees. Defense and aerospace cleanrooms are built with non-outgassing and silicone-free components and use electro-static discharge materials where necessary to keep employees and products protected.

With active filtration and complete control over temperature and humidity, our modular cleanrooms for aerospace and defense industries are ideal for applications with changing requirements or needing customized spaces for oversized equipment and products. Additional customized features and cleanroom supplies are available including air showers, fire suppression, laminar flow systems, industry-specific furniture, and much more.

Aerospace & defense Cleanroom Design

When it comes to the rigorous cleanroom classifications of the aerospace and defense industry cleanrooms for mechanical engineering and manufacturing, Angstrom Technology designs, creates, and installs the best modular cleanrooms available. Whether you need a custom layout to adapt your existing space or you’re starting from scratch, we can develop the best cleanroom for your application, complete with all the fixtures and systems you need to start using it right away. All of our cleanroom builds are compliant with US building and safety codes.

Cleanroom systems & fixtures

To outfit your new or reconfigured cleanroom, you’ll need the best systems to support your operations including energy efficient cleanroom lighting, a powerful HVAC system, and a thorough air filtration process.

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Angstrom Technology designs aerospace and defense cleanrooms to comply with the International Organization of Standards and American Society for Testing and Materials International Standards, which test the cleanroom’s ability to restrict airborne particle concentrations and achieve control over mechanical, thermal, chemical, and electrical properties within the cleanroom environment.

Per ASTM E2352, aerospace cleanrooms must meet ISO 14644-1 or 14644-2. Generally, this type of cleanroom starts from a minimum ISO Class 7/Federal Standard 209 Class 10,000 requirement. More extreme standards apply for highly sensitive applications, where airborne particle concentrations must be strictly controlled such as in the development of spacecraft hardware, fine electronics, or optical devices.

Defense cleanrooms must also comply with ISO 14644-1 classifications. They typically fall in the ISO 7-8 range for engine component manufacturing. Depending on the complexity of the project, stricter standards may be required. For example, electronic components, sensors, or lasers will likely be regulated within a cleanroom that is ISO Class 7 or lower. In applications where devices or components are manufactured that are extremely sensitive to contaminants, defense industry cleanrooms may be regulated in a similar way to medical device cleanrooms.

Some cleanrooms require special solutions as requirements can change during different stages of project development, such as from manufacturing to assembly. Your cleanroom should be able to adapt to the circumstances you need to keep your work safe. It should have accurate systems in place to measure airborne particle concentration so you can adjust temperature, humidity, and air change rate according to your cleanroom classification.


Aerospace and defense cleanrooms encompass a wide variety of applications, from manufacturing of air and spacecraft, satellites, and engine components, to the development of new technology in defense engineering and weaponry, to the assembly of sensitive optical hardware and lasers. Whether you’re building aircraft, satellites, engines, or sensors, your cleanroom should be equipped with everything you need to do your work efficiently and safely.

Angstrom can build cleanrooms for the aerospace and defense industries to fit a wide variety of applications and cleanroom classifications, including cleanrooms for satellite and engine component manufacturing, secure defense operations, and other mechanical engineering processes.

Spacecraft & Satellite Cleanrooms

In cleanrooms for the manufacturing and assembly of parts used in spacecraft or satellites, there must be a high level of control over both airborne and surface particulates. Cleanrooms used for the testing of products require additional control over environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and static. Spacecraft and satellite cleanrooms must comply with strict ISO class standards as well as industry-specific ASTM or NASA standards.

Defense Industry Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms for the defense industry can be used for a variety of applications, from developing microchips and sensors for controlling missiles, working with lasers or sensitive electrical components, or configuring radar and guidance systems. In addition to meeting strict ISO requirements, defense cleanrooms are regulated by other sets of standards, depending on their unique purposes. Defense cleanrooms require high security and privacy and are often subject to additional measures from the government. Some applications, particularly those that involve fine electronics or sensors, may benefit from a positive pressure cleanroom

Our modular aerospace and defense cleanrooms are uniquely customized to your application. We can use electrostatic discharge materials to protect fine electronics or hazardous substances from errant sparks. We can ensure total control over air pressure and humidity when developing optical devices like infrared and cryogenic sensors. Whatever cleanroom supplies you need to do your job well, we can provide them.

Engine Component Manufacturing

Manufacturing of engine components often requires a controlled cleanroom environment to develop and assemble parts in a safe, contaminant-free process. Manufacturing cleanrooms, especially those working with fine parts and mechanical processes, must be designed to control surface particles attracted by static electricity buildup. Engine component manufacturing cleanrooms are subject to ASTM standards as well as ISO Class 7-8 requirements.


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