We pride ourselves on being industry experts in cleanroom design, construction, and service. We’re happy to provide you with a project quote. Just fill out the questionnaire to get started…


We understand that no two cleanrooms are exactly the same, which is why we draw on our years of experience to design a custom cleanroom to fit the specific needs of our customers.


Our expertise in cleanrooom design allows us to address the most complex customer requirements, and our experience construction team works with our customers to make those designs become a reality.


Angstrom Technology was founded in 1989 to provide the nation’s premier cleanroom solutions. From the start, our mission was to be the industry leading experts on cleanroom design, build, and service. We have never wavered from this mission.

Cleanroom Design

Whether you need a Class 1 or a Class 100,000 cleanroom, we have the tools, materials, and knowledge to design a cleanroom that fits your specifications…

Cleanroom Installation

Our trained technicians will not only install your cleanroom properly, they will do it quickly, efficiently, and at a minimal distraction to you and your staff…


Angstrom Technology has designed cleanrooms for various industries including the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and medical industries…


“Angstrom Technology has consistently provided us with great customer service. They provide timely quotes, quick responses to any technical questions or concerns and regular updates on shipments.”

Brent W. – Facilities Manager, Medical Device Industry

“The Angstrom Technology Team did a fine job. We are satisfied with the results and thank you for your efforts on our behalf.”

Gary F. – Senior Facilities Manager, Automotive Industry

“We so appreciate you, Angstrom Team, and I smile when I see that your standards have remained steadfast.”

Wanda R. – National Director, Pharmaceutical Industry

“We can always count on Angstrom to go the extra mile and we have appreciated the efforts of their entire team on our projects. They are extremely professional, responsive and reliable. We rely on their expertise in solving existing maintenance issues as well their quality of workmanship for our new facilities.”

Kay C. – Sr. Project Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry

“Angstrom Technology built one of the nicest rooms I’ve seen in my 23 years of certifying compounding cleanrooms.”

Bill B. – Cleanroom Certifier, Prevention Services

“Just want you to know what a great job Brian (Angstrom Technology Field Supervisor) does for your company and ours. Through the entire project, he works nonstop, long hours, and ALWAYS goes out of his way to make sure we’re happy. Thank you for assigning him to our project.”

George B. – Senior Director, Operations

“It was a pleasure to work with you and your team. I’m very satisfied with how it all turned out. Job well done.”

Jason S. – Manufacturing Engineer, Automotive Industry

“Thank you for the expedient responsiveness regarding the cleanroom contamination. It is certainly a pleasure working with Angstrom!”

Chuck R. – President, Technology Industry


Introduction & Discovery

We take the time to discuss your specific needs, and to understand the unique requirements at hand on your projects.

Planning & Execution

Our experienced design engineers create a cleanroom based on input from our sales and field operations teams.

Construction & Certification

Our construction team oversees each cleanroom from design and construction, to owner acceptance and certification.

Training & Service

We provide employee training and educate customers on certification continuation and how to reduce overall cost of maintenance.

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