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The Angstrom Technology Cleanroom Design Experts

As the authority on all things cleanrooms, we pride ourselves on our expertise in the design, construction, installation, and service of cleanrooms, controlled environments, and modular offices.

A focus on excellence and innovation has led Angstrom Technology to be recognized as one of the top manufacturers of high quality modular cleanrooms. Since 1989, we’ve worked to put our customers’ needs first and continue to grow into new industry specialities and service areas. From turnkey cleanroom projects to large-scale production environments, we can deliver the ideal cleanroom for your application.

Types of Cleanrooms

At Angstrom Technology, we understand that cleanrooms aren’t one-size-fits-all, which is why we offer four cleanroom types: modular SoftWall Cleanrooms, HardWall Cleanrooms, and RigidWall Cleanrooms, as well as traditional Seamless Wall Solutions. While each cleanroom type may have different advantages and capabilities, the ideal cleanroom for you will depend on your cleanroom classification, industry requirements, facility space, and other project needs.

No matter what cleanroom type you choose, the experts at Angstrom Technology can design, build, and install it with minimum disruption to your operations.

Turnkey Modular Cleanroom Solutions


Cleanroom Design

We design custom modular cleanrooms to fit your project needs and classification standards, including all the trades and features you’ll need.


Cleanroom Installation

Our professional cleanroom installation is quick and efficient with prefabricated modular panels for minimal disruption to your facility operations.



Our turnkey cleanroom design includes integration with trades such as cleanroom HVAC, cleanroom filtration, electrical design, fire protection, & more…

A Proven Cleanroom Construction Process

We specialize in industries with high standards for cleanliness and achievement. No two cleanroom design-to-build projects are the same, so each service is tailored to complete our customer’s goals, end-to-end.









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