HardWall Cleanrooms

A HardWall cleanroom will provide your company with the highest level of control over contamination, pressure, humidity, and static. At Angstrom Technology, we offer HardWall cleanrooms made from stainless steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic, vinyl, plastic laminate, and aluminum.

At Angstrom Technology we can build you a HardWall cleanroom using your existing walls, or we can create one that is freestanding, to your exact specifications. From Class 1 to Class 10,000, a HardWall cleanroom can be engineered to comply with any standards.

Every business and organization needs a cleanroom for different reasons. That’s why we design each individual cleanroom we sell to fit our client’s specific needs. Your cleanroom is going to be different than a cleanroom built for our last client because your standards are different, your company is different, and your space is different. At Angstrom Technology we understand that, and will work closely with you to design a cleanroom that works for you. We’ll even come out to your site to meet you so that we know exactly what we’re working with.

How Can We Make Your HardWall Cleanroom Work for Your Existing Building?

Integration of existing HVAC system: No need to worry about putting in new a heating and cooling system to accommodate your new cleanroom, we can design a cleanroom that incorporates your existing HVAC system, but still maintains your specific contamination standards.

Ceiling or floor mounted equipment: We know that in many cases, you might already own some of the equipment that will go in the cleanroom. That’s why we design a HardWall cleanroom specifically for you. We can work around equipment that is ceiling OR floor mounted.

Borrowed light from existing windows: Just because you’re installing a HardWall cleanroom doesn’t mean you need to redesign your entire building. We’ll work to incorporate aspects of your existing building into your cleanroom. That means we can use existing walls, and light from existing windows to construct a cleanroom that is functional and convenient.

Once we design your cleanroom, we’ll ship it to you with precise instructions on how to assemble it properly. It usually won’t take more than three days to put together, but if you’re worried about construction, we’re more than happy to install it for you. We know you’re busy and have bigger concerns to address.


The Cleanroom Quote is just the beginning of the design process. After you submit your request, one of our cleanroom experts will contact you so we can quote your room most accurately. We’re here every step of the way to ensure you get the perfect cleanroom.

Why Choose an Angstrom Technology HardWall Cleanroom?

  1. Top of the Line Environment Control
    From humidity to static to temperature, a HardWall cleanroom lets you control every aspect of the cleanroom environment, far beyond just particle decontamination. Additionally, a HardWall cleanroom can be configured to meet any standards, from Class 1 to Class 10,000.
  2. Modification and Upgrades
    Hardwall cleanrooms are the easiest cleanroom option to modify and upgrade. With an Angstrom Technology HardWall cleanroom, you’ll be able to expand wherever you need to, and upgrade with new technology as it comes out. Whatever your needs are, a HardWall cleanroom can be configured, and reconfigured to meet those.
  3. Built to Your Specifications
    Angstrom Technology offers a variety of materials to construct your custom cleanroom, which means you’ll get exactly the durability and cleanliness you’re looking for, at the price you want. You’ll also have the choice of building your cleanroom off of existing walls, or opting for a freestanding cleanroom. Most importantly, we’ll ensure that your cleanroom meets your specific requirements for cleanliness.
  4. Easy Installation
    Since all the parts for your cleanroom are prefabricated, it will only take a few days to construct your custom designed cleanroom. Once you receive all of the parts to your cleanroom, you can install it yourself, or you can hire the technicians at Angstrom Technology to put it together for you. Our team will manage the project from delivery to clean up, with minimal distraction, so you can get on with your life.
  5. Simple Maintenance
    HardWall cleanrooms are one of the easiest options to maintain. Hard panels are simpler to clean, and we’ll provide you with a list of all of the things you’ll want to keep track of, to make sure your cleanroom keeps doing exactly what it’s supposed to, for as long as you need it.
  6. Durable
    The number one benefit of HardWall cleanrooms is their durability and longevity. Their heavy-duty frame is attached to a strong ceiling grid, meaning they won’t sag over time, like other cleanroom options, and they can be used, and re-used. HardWall cleanrooms offer superior security, chemical resistance, and long-time durability.

Why are HardWall Cleanrooms the Best Option?

Meet all Standards: You can’t go wrong with a HardWall cleanroom because it can be designed to meet even the highest standards. You’re spending a lot of money on your cleanroom, so it’s important that it meet the standards you’re looking for. Whether you need a Class 1 or a Class 10,000 cleanroom, a HardWall cleanroom can fulfill those requirements.

Durable: Since they’re constructed from hard materials, they will last much longer, and will hold up better than any other cleanroom material. Even if you have to take it down or move it, a HardWall cleanroom will stand up to just about anything.

Easy to Clean: A HardWall cleanroom is much easier to clean than a SoftWall or plastic cleanroom. The methods are simpler, and mechanically it’s just easier to clean a stable material than it is to clean an unfixed SoftWall cleanroom.

Easy to Expand: If your cleanroom needs change in the future, a HardWall cleanroom is easily added to, modified, and expanded. They can even be completely relocated if you need to move the entire project.

Control Pressure: A HardWall cleanroom affords you pressure control that no other type of cleanroom will. Since its walls extend from floor to ceiling, and there are no plastic doorways, it can hold higher pressure differentials which are integral to maintaining different particle cleanliness in different areas of your cleanroom.

A/C and Humidity Control: If you are looking for A/C and humidity control, a HardWall cleanroom is your best option. While you can gain some control with SoftWall cleanrooms, a HardWall cleanroom is the only one that will afford you total control over humidity and A/C. This is what makes HardWall cleanrooms ideal for higher class standards.


Whether you need a Class 1 or a Class 100,000 cleanroom, we have the tools, materials and knowledge to design a cleanroom that fits your specifications.


Do you have a cleanroom question? We’re here to help. If you would like information about our products or services just send us a message and a representative will get back with you shortly.