Cleanroom Webinars

Cleanroom Webinars


Ready to start developing your own cleanroom? Angstrom Technology offers free webinars that take you through the nuances of the cleanroom design, build, and installation process. From different cleanroom types, applications, and features, we go over all the big and small things you’ll need to make your project a success. Soon you’ll be able to determine which cleanroom is the best fit for you and your application’s needs.
Cleanroom Masterclass: How to Successfully Design & Build Your Cleanroom
Angstrom Technology has partnered with Thomas Scientific to create a unique webinar experience for you. We understand that no two cleanrooms are the same – the design is informed by a variety of different factors ranging from the technical to the practical. We understand a design or redesign project can be a difficult and daunting task. By providing this free webinar we hope to break down this highly technical and virtually incomprehensible subject to equip you with the knowledge you need to feel confident as you begin your cleanroom design project.


In this masterclass, we’ll be going over…

  • Nuances of the different types of modular cleanroom wall systems
  • The driving factors behind cleanroom ISO classifications
  • Proper cleanroom layout and flow
  • The benefits of using a turnkey modular cleanroom provider for your project
  • How to properly care for your cleanroom once construction is complete


When you sign up below, you can watch the webinar in the next 15 minutes, at 11 AM, and at 2 PM.

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