OEM Packaging of Single-use Products

Square Feet

Angstrom Technology delivered a new 1,700 square foot OEM packaging cleanroom facility to a global supplier of single-use components.

Qosina OEM packaging

The global company needed to expand to accommodate the increased growth of its business to the medical and bioprocess industries. This expansion of the company’s pick and pack process allows the company to increase capacity, and reduce lead times for customers.

OEM packaging cleanroom highlights

  • 1700-square-foot, state-of-the-art ISO Class 8 cleanroom
  • Designed for the packaging of single-use components to serve the medical and bioprocess industries
  • Gives customers the confidence and peace of mind that the components that are manufactured in a cleanroom are always opened and repacked in a similar environment
  • The cleanroom features ten workstations designated for the scale counting and repacking process
  • Optimized layout to facilitate the movement of bagged parts into the cleanroom via curtained pass-through openings for weighing and repackaging
  • Installed within a temperature-controlled warehouse, pre-cooled supply air is pulled through terminal HEPA filtration to provide a controlled environment suitable for the process


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