In many industries, cleanrooms aren’t just necessary for manufacturing and testing. Certain chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food products, inhalants, and other products must be stored in controlled environments to ensure product quality and integrity and protect products from contamination. In these instances, storage cleanrooms serve a vital function, creating a controlled environment suitable for product or material storage.

Angstrom Technology designs and builds cleanrooms of the highest quality to meet all the needs of a storage application without all the extra bells and whistles needed in a laboratory or manufacturing application cleanroom. A storage cleanroom will likely need to meet a much lower classification than other cleanrooms and won’t require the same amount of space of equipment, like fume hoods and sinks.

Our modular SoftWall cleanrooms are Class 100,000 to Class 10-capable and are compact and versatile; they can fit where you need them to fit in your facility and can be easily moved to best support your operational needs, so you can store your products and materials close to where they will be used or manufactured.

To learn more about how Angstrom Technology can provide you with a storage cleanroom to meet your application, contact us to speak with a cleanroom design engineer. To learn more about cleanroom design, check out our Cleanroom Design Guide.

Our HardWall and RigidWall modular cleanrooms make use of your existing walls and are free-standing.

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High level of control over static, pressure, contamination, and humidity. Designed to comply with ISO 5 and stricter standards.

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RigidWall cleanrooms offer flexibility and modularity while still able to conform to Class 100 regulations.


Angstrom Technology also offers and installs multi-stage air filtration systems that make use of prefilters and HEPA filters, a variety of lighting options from standard to flow through modules, and laminar air flow systems that can be integrated with existing HVAC.


For more information on pharmaceutical cleanrooms or our cleanroom design and installation services, check out our Cleanroom Design Guide or click below to ask the cleanroom experts your questions.

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