Medical research laboratories require strict cleanroom conditions. For example, for research involving blood or stem cells, an ISO Class 5/Fed Std 209E Class 100 to ISO Class 7/Fed Std 209E Class 10,000 cleanroom environment is necessary, per ISO 14644 standards. Other medical laboratories are subject to ISO 15189, which also has regulations of control of the laboratory environment.

Angstrom Technology designs modular cleanrooms that can meet even the stringent requirements of medical research applications. Not only do we design high-quality, high performing cleanrooms, we also install and service these cleanrooms to ensure that they meet our clients’ standards.

Angstrom Technology HardWall cleanrooms allow you a high level of control over pressure, static, humidity, and of course, contamination; they can conform to even the highest cleanroom classifications required in medical research. Our RigidWall cleanrooms are also an option for medical research cleanrooms requiring a classification of up to ISO Class 5, while offering more flexibility and versatility than our HardWall options. With either of these wall types, we can construct a free-standing cleanroom or incorporate your existing walls, structures, and HVAC.

To best meet the specific needs of your research lab, Angstrom Technology has a variety of options when it comes to cleanroom lighting. These include standard and flow through modules; laminar airflow systems with dedicated HVAC or integrated with existing HVAC systems; and multi-stage air filtration systems, making use of prefilters, HEPA filters, and ULPA filters.

For more information on medical research laboratory cleanrooms or Angstrom Technology’s cleanroom design and installation services, check out our Cleanroom Design Guide or ask the cleanroom experts your questions below.


Angstrom Technology also offers and installs a variety of cleanroom lighting options from standard to flow through modules, air filtration systems with multiple stages that make use of prefilters and HEPA filters, and laminar airflow systems that can be integrated with existing HVAC.

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