Medical Laboratory

At Angstrom Technology, we understand that nothing is more important for a medical laboratory than a sterile environment. If the environment isn’t sterile, medical devices won’t be sterile, and test results could be skewed by contaminants in the lab. That’s why it’s important to install a cleanroom that you can trust to meet whatever standards your project requires. With more than 27 years experience in the cleanroom industry, Angstrom Technology is your first choice for a medical lab cleanroom. We understand the functions of all medical cleanrooms, and we know the importance of maintaining a cleanroom that meets the highest standards.

We often work with professionals in the medical industry to create a variety of cleanrooms that meet any standard. We’ve designed cleanrooms for previous clients in the following areas of the medical field:

  • Research Labs
  • Testing Facilities
  • Sterilized Packaging
  • Medical Device Manufacturing

At Angstrom Technology, we can design, construct, and install any cleanroom necessary for the medical field. No matter what standards your cleanroom needs to meet, Angstrom has the engineers to design it, and the technology to build it. Whether you need a negative or positive air pressure enclosure or a SoftWall or HardWall modular cleanroom, an Angstrom Technology cleanroom is built exactly to your specifications. For more information on medical cleanrooms, our capabilities, or for a full range of options, give us a call!


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