Chemicals are used in a variety of industries in a variety of ways. Hazardous chemicals and chemical testing and processes require specially controlled cleanroom environments. These cleanrooms must adhere to ISO 14644-1 cleanroom classifications, and generally must meet a minimum classification of ISO Class 8.

Because of the wide range of industries that need chemical-safe cleanroom environments, we offer several different types of modular cleanrooms, with varying levels of flexibility, cost, and environmental control. Our HardWall cleanrooms can comply with the most stringent classification, and our RigidWall cleanrooms offer a high level of control while retaining some flexibility. For chemical storage, our flexible and portable Softwall cleanrooms may be the perfect fit.

Our HardWall and RigidWall modular cleanrooms make use of your existing walls and are free-standing.

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High level of control over static, pressure, contamination, and humidity. Designed to comply with strict ISO standards.

Design Services


RigidWall cleanrooms offer flexibility and versatility while still able to conform to Class 100 regulations.


Angstrom Technology cleanrooms are customizable with a myriad of LED and fluorescent lighting options, HEPA and ULPA multi-stage air filter systems, and laminar air flow systems that can rely on dedicated HVAC or be incorporated with existing building HVAC. We design, create, and install high-quality cleanrooms to your needs and specifications.


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