In order to keep operators and consumers safe, medical cleanrooms have some of the most stringent cleanliness requirements. Depending on whether they’re used for medical research, medical device, or pharmaceutical applications, their ISO standards can range from ISO Class 4-7.  

All that being said, if your facility hosts one or more medical cleanrooms, you may also want to invest in some innovative technologies to ensure consistently sterilized air and surfaces. Below, we’ll explore some of the new medical cleanroom technology on the market, including various portable HEPA filtration systems and peroxide sanitizing solutions. 

Portable HEPA Filtration Systems with UV-C Light Integration

While your cleanroom may already host a number of HEPA filters, some of the newest trends in medical cleanroom technology deem portable HEPA filters a rewarding investment. New portable HEPA filters can be mobile, ceiling mounted, or standalone, and they usually contain a UV-C light integrated for extra cleansing power. This way, you’re able to sterilize any specific area or surface more quickly and effectively than ever before. 

How Do HEPA Filters with UV-C Light Integration Work?

HEPA filters are known for effectively capturing microscopic viruses and bacteria with ease. Generally, airborne viruses are moved through the air via particles with a diameter between 10-100 µm. HEPA filters are capable of capturing large infectious loads of particles that are responsible for virus transmission and exponentially reducing them. 

HEPA filters can remove many of the common human pathogens from air circulation, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Escherichia coli: Gastrointestinal infections
  • Aspergillus brasiliensis: Sinus infections
  • Mycoplasma pneumoniae: Pneumonia
  • Haemophilus influenzae: Meningitis
  • Mycobacterium Tuberculosis: Tuberculosis

When HEPA filters are combined with UV-C light technology, they can inactivate airborne-mediated microbial disease and microbial resistant bacteria even faster. UV-C lights and lamps are extremely effective, even against some of the most contagious airborne diseases. And while HEPA filters primarily cleanse the air, UV-C lights help sterilize water, hard surfaces, and nonporous objects as well. 

Portable HEPA Filtration System Features and Accessories

Along with your portable HEPA filtration system, you’re able to add on a variety of optional features and accessories for advanced performance, including:

  • Portable UV torches – Portable UV disinfection torches are about 5 feet tall, and designed to sterilize objects and tools within a medical cleanroom. They stand on their own, include 8 UV-C bulbs, and are built with an open center that allows for comprehensive sterilization within a 10-foot radius. 
  • Handheld UV light wands – Handheld UV light wands work similarly to portable UV torches, but are even more mobile. They have a lightweight, ergonomic design that is especially helpful in surface sanitation, and cleanroom inspection procedures. 

Dry Hydrogen Peroxide

Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP™) is the true gas form of hydrogen peroxide, and it attacks microbes like viruses, bacteria, and mold before they can be damaging, both in the air and on surfaces. Developed by Synexis, this technology is designed to flow freely and constantly throughout your controlled space to effectively eliminate pathogens — without any reliance on air exchange rates. It works by taking the oxygen and humidity naturally present in your environment, then breaking them down in the Synexis device through a photocatalytic reaction (chemical reaction involving the absorption of light). Those molecules are then put together again, but as DHP™.

Not only is DHP™ cool and effective technology, but it’s also completely safe — falling far below safety limits for human exposure established by OSHA and meeting UL2998 certification requirements for zero ozone emissions. You can learn more about how DHP™ works and benefits various applications here

If you’re looking to upgrade your medical cleanroom technology to include some of the newest innovations, contact Angstrom Technology! Our cleanroom design experts can make sure your facility is outfitted with the best gadgets and gear to protect your work and workers.