Square Feet

  • Industry: Home Infusion Healthcare (USP 797/USP 800)
  • Location: Louisville, KY
  • Project Completed: August, 2017
  • Project Highlights: Modular Cleanroom Construction
  • The facility contains (2) USP 797 compliant cleanrooms, (1) USP 800 compliant cleanroom, and (2) USP complaint anterooms for high volume manufacturing.
  • Pharmacy prep room is designed to serve both USP compliant cleanrooms
  • Full turn-key design
  • (3) dedicated HVAC units serve the cleanroom facility
  • Network controlled HEPA filtration
  • Modular cleanroom integrated into stud and drywall construction in the office area to facilitate line of sight considerations
  • Angstrom Technology provided a turnkey solution including the modular cleanroom, all necessary laminar flow hoods, and all furniture and fixtures within cleanroom, pharmacy prep, and warehouse spaces