Simco-Ion Ultra-clean Software-controlled Ionizing AeroBar® Model 5225

Simco-Ion’s Ultra-clean Software-controlled Digital Ionizing AeroBar® Model 5225 is specifically designed to handle the demanding requirements of in-tool ionization. With high ion output providing fast neutralization of electric charge on wafers, charge can be reduced to comply with the E-78 recommended electrostatic levels for technology nodes down to 25 nm, the most stringent requirement of semiconductor manufacturers.

An aerodynamic design and cleanroom-compatible materials allow the Model 5225 to deliver complete and efficient ionization in mini-environments without disrupting laminar airflow.

  • Complete integration with tool control system
  • Fully adjustable parameters for each AeroBar
  • Ion current monitoring
  • Several lengths available including 3 specifically designed for EFEMs
  • Single-crystal silicon emitter points
  • Power supply included
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Simco-Ion Ultra-clean Software-controlled Ionizing AeroBar® Model 5225



Input Voltage 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1W (typ), received from the Interface Module
Output Voltage 0-20 kVDC, ±10% for each polarity on an individual AeroBar; positive or negative output levels can be adjusted separately through GUI
Output Current <15 µA, current and voltage limited
Control Signal RS-485 from the Interface Module
Connectors RJ-11 modular jack receptacles
Regulation Output and balance stability is achieved by independently regulating the ion emission current of each polarity at each ionizer
Timing Both on and off timing for each polarity are settable from 0-10 sec @ 0.1 sec increments; LEDs on the bar indicate the polarity of the ion emission
Operating Mode Pulsed DC, steady-state DC, or standby
Alarm Alarm activates when the bar is no longer able to maintain the preset ion output level; alarm is displayed visually by a red LED in the middle of the ionizer chassis as well as on GUI; settable threshold alarm limits for predictive maintenance
Emitter Points Single crystal silicon, replaceable
Preventative Maintenance Annual, semi-annual, or quarterly emitter point cleaning depending on process sensitivity and presences of AMCs in environment
Ozone <0.005 ppm
EMI Below background level
Cleanliness ISO 14644-1 Class 1
Indicators Individual red LEDs flash on for each polarity; middle red LED flashes rapidly when in alarm, all 3 LEDs blink at once when communication occurs; alarm relayed to tool GUI
Dimensions 2.1H x 1.2W x 22.4, 28.4, 35.7, 44.4, 55.6, 64.4, 75.5, or 84.4L in.
(5.3H x 3.1W x 56.9, 72.1, 90.7, 112.8, 141.2, 163.6, 191.8, or 214.4 L cm)
Weight 1.5 lb (1.02 kg) for a 22 in (56.9 cm) bar (approx. 6 oz per additional ft/0.17 kg per additional 30 cm)
Enclosure ABS plastics, fire retardant
Warranty Two year limited warranty
Interface Module Model 5200-IM6T
Input Voltage 24 VDC, 1.5A, ±5%
Communication Ethernet (RJ-45) or serial (RS-232/DB9)
Alarm Output FMS, relay closure to ground (available on V4.0 and above)
Output Ports Six RJ-11 ports connect to up to six Model 5225 AeroBars
Dimensions 2.9H x 2.8W x 12.4L in. (7.4H x 7.1W x 31.5L cm)
Weight 4 lb (2 kg)
LED Indicators Green power on, yellow communication, red alarm