ASPT Tunnel Air Shower (TN)

The TN model air shower is for 4 or more persons occupancy per cycle. It has two or more roof structures and has four or more wall sections. The size ranges from 120” to 240” long. The standard widths are 48” and 60”. Custom size units are available for the TN model up to 96” width and a maximum length of 360” (30 feet). All the TN models have (1) 5HP direct drive blower and (1) HEPA filter per roof module. The TN model comes with all our standard features.

The Tunnel Air Shower is often used where there are more than 25 people per hour that need to use the Air Shower.



Standard Features 

  • Direct drive non-overloading paddle wheel blower
  • Open drip proof motor
  • Neoprene vibration isolators for blower
  • 99.99% @ .3 micron HEPA filter
  • White plastic adjustable air nozzles that deliver a minimum 7000 f.p.m. velocity
  • MERV 7 pre-filters located at the bottom of the wall for easy access
  • Magnetic door interlocks 24DV with 600 pound holding force
  • Emergency stop station (shuts off blower and turns off locks)
  • Clear anodized aluminum frame doors with 1/4″ clear tempered glass vision panel
  • Commercial duty door closers
  • Clear anodized door stops with seals
  • Drag sweep for bottom door seal
  • LED light fixture
  • Pre-wire control panel with non-fused disconnect switch, transformers, motor starter with short circuit and overload protection and fuses and/or circuit breaker.
  • Available in straight, right angle, left, angle, u-shape and z-shape configurations

Optional Features

  • Variable frequency drive for blower motor
  • 99.999% @ .12 micron ULPA filter
  • MERV 8-10 Pre-filters
  • Alpha/numeric display
  • Touchscreen display
  • Vertical laminar flow ceiling
  • Hazardous location electrical
  • Automatic door systems
  • Magnehelic gauge for HEPA filter
  • UL508 listed control panel
  • Custom sizes and requirements
  • Ionization
  • Audible alarms
  • Safety glass
  • Additional emergency stop stations
  • Light switch for interior LED light
  • 304 Stainless Steel door frames with 1/4″ thick clear tempered glass
  • Remote mechanical package
  • Exhaust blower/HEPA system (keeps constant negative pressure inside unit)