Air Science Purair FLOW Laminar Flow Hoods

Purair® FLOW series laminar flow hoods are designed to protect the work surface, products and materials from particulate contamination. Room air passes through a HEPA filter then uniformly by laminar flow through the cabinet interior to protect the work from unfiltered air. The airflow is oriented to exhaust airborne particulate introduced by the user.

The Purair FLOW series product line employs the Air Science® exclusive Multiplex® HEPA filtration technology to sustain the contamination-free environment.


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Purair FLOW Features and Benefits

  • Vertical laminar airflow with HEPA/ULPA filtration protects materials inside the cabinet from particulates.
  • High airflow capacity.
  • Configurable with a broad range of options customized to your specific application.
  • Easy-to-change filters.
  • Available in 2′, 3′ and 4′ widths.

Product Features:

  1. Task Lighting: Fluorescent cabinet lamp located away from laminar flow area.
  2. Filter: Camfil Farr main HEPA filter with 99.99% efficiency for 0.3 micron particulates (ULPA optional).
  3. Pass Through Ports: Convenient rear-wall pass through ports for safe routing of instrument cords, cables and leads.
  4. Fan: High-performance ebmpapst™ centrifugal fan.
  5. Disposable Pre-Filter: Accessible from the chamber exterior top to contain the release of any particulates that it traps.
  6. Filter Door Lock: Prevents unauthorized removal  or accidental exposure to dirty filters.

 Other Features:

  • 360 Degree Visibility: Clear back and side panels allow ambient illumination into the chamber and provide users with an unobstructed view of its contents.
  • Standards Compliant: Performance specifications and construction meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI and relevant international standards to assure operator safety.
  • Construction: All models are available in either metal or polypropylene construction, specify when ordering. Available in 120V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz models.
  • Steel Support Frame: The chemical resistant epoxy coated steel frame adds mechanical strength.
  • Optional all polypropylene construction is available if desired. The pre-filter can be changed while the unit is operating to prevent operator exposure to chemical vapors.