Intercom Master Station

The Intercom Master Station includes the front membrane, foot pedal switch, and power supply unit.

Front Membrane: A simple one to one communication system designed to be used in a sterile environment. The antibacterial membrane inhibits the grown of bacteria, mold and mildew. It is resistant to chemicals and household cleaners and the station is designed to be water tight when used with a proper 3 gang electrical back box. The convenient ‘simplex’ operation allows the operator to push the Talk button when they need to talk and release to listen. When the conversation is over, either party can cancel the call by pressing the cancel button. The LED turns red in the listen mode and green in the talk mode, so from a distance, one can see if the station is ON. There is a separate speaker and microphone for crystal clear intelligibility. The stations are designed for an optional headset and foot switch.

Foot Pedal Switch: The ST-Foot pedal switch can be used with a variety of intercoms and the control systems. The ST-Foot is normally used in applications such as bank teller windows, ticket windows, drive-thru fast food windows, operating rooms, x-ray rooms and other spaces where the operator cannot use their hands to operate an intercom or control device.

Foot pedal switch shell be SPST momentary type (normally open). Unit shall be provided with a six foot flexible connecting cable, in a matching grey finish. Cable shall have 3-#18AWG conductors (Black and White for normally open connections and Green for grounded if needed) Foot shall be non-skid type.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical building codes.

Power Supply Unit: The power supply unit is specifically designed to provide power to the intercom system. One power supply is required for each system, and there is no central exchange required. There are three models with varying outputs, depending upon the total number of masters and/or remotes on each system.



Intercom System Front Membrane


  • Antibacterial membrane keyboard
  • Flush or surface mounting
  • Convenient simplex voice operation
  • Mult-color LED for Talk/Listen Modes
  • One to One operation
  • Operates on 24VDC low voltage
  • Requires on 4 wires between the two stations
  • Made in the USA


  • Width: 6.375”
  • Height 4.475”
  • Depth: 3.00”

Operating Voltage: 20-27VDC
Power Consumption: 190mA max
Flush Back Box: Standard (deep style) 3-gang electrical back box BBF910

Intercom System Foot Pedal Switch


  • Rugged Momentary Electrical Switch Components
  • Comes with Heavy duty 6 foot grounded cord
  • Normally Open switch mechanism

Switch: Crystal-clear, completely flat wall panels create a Cleanroom that’s more aesthetically appealing than regular Softwall rooms.
Finish: Grey painted finish
Dimensions: 3.5” H x 2.63” W x 1.00” D
Weight: 2.0 lbs.

Intercom System Power Supply Unit:

Specifications: 24VDC/27VDC. 50/60 Hz Output 4.8 Amps.


  • 40 Maximum
  • 20 Maximum
  • 10 Maximum
  • 5 Maximum

Connectors: AC cord with grounded plug 6’2 wire output.