Angstrom Technology has designed cleanrooms for various industries including the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and medical industries. With more than 20 years in the business, rest assured that with Angstrom Technology, you’ll get a cleanroom that fits your industry, and performs to your exact standards. We understand the different requirements for each industry, and we know your project is different from other projects. That’s why we sit down with you – and even visit your project site – to design a cleanroom specific to your company and your industry.

Each cleanroom from Angstrom Technology is different, because we know that all of our clients have different needs. So, whether you want a SoftWall or HardWall cleanroom, want to build off existing walls, or would like a completely free-standing cleanroom, we have the tools, the products, the technology and the experience to create the right cleanroom for your company.

Angstrom Technology cleanrooms are modular, which means they are easily installed and can grow as your project does. Ongoing maintenance is simple, with specially designed components to make cleaning easy, and supplies from Angstrom Technology to help you get the job done. No matter your industry or your requirements, a cleanroom from Angstrom Technology is easy to install and maintain, and is sure to fit your company’s budget.



Angstrom Technology has designed countless cleanrooms for clients in the manufacturing industry. Our full range of products allows us to build a manufacturing cleanroom that conforms exactly to your project’s needs.



The pharmaceutical industry requires cleanrooms with the greatest level of contamination control. With more than 27 years experience in the industry, Angstrom Technology can build your pharmaceutical company a cleanroom that meets even the highest standards.



At Angstrom Technology, we can design, construct, and install any cleanroom necessary for the medical field. No matter what standards your cleanroom needs to meet, Angstrom Technology has the engineers to design it, and the technology to build it.

Pharmaceutical Cleanroom From Start to Finish

Want to learn more about seamless wall cleanrooms? Watch the installation process for this 32,000 square foot cleanroom project Angstrom Technology completed in four months’ time!


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