Cleanroom Design Process

Angstrom Technology prides itself on our creativity and flexibility with the cleanrooms we offer. We understand that no two cleanrooms are exactly the same, and we draw on our years of experience to design a custom cleanroom to fit the specific needs of our customers. In doing so, we follow a four phase customer engagement process.

Introduction and Planning Process

We take the time to discuss your specific needs, and to understand the unique requirements at hand on your projects. It is in this phase that we gain a comprehensive understanding of what your business processes and objectives are, and how we can design the best possible cleanroom for you while keeping your budget in mind.

Design Process

Our experienced design engineers create a cleanroom based on input from our sales and field operations teams. Starting form initial concept sketches, we work closely with our customers to develop a final product that is specific to their needs, but that will more importantly meet and exceed their expectations.

Construction and Certification Process

Prior to each project, our field services team conducts a site visit. Here we look for possible challenges that could impact the project timeline or bottom line. This site visit allows us to prepare adequately for the task at hand as well as mitigate potential pitfalls. Our construction team consists of Project Manager, Engineers, Field Operation Supervisor and Installation Crew. Our teams oversee each cleanroom from design to owner acceptance. Customers will experience exceptional communication with direct access at any time to anybody on staff (both on and off site), and regularly scheduled project meetings. Our process is closely managed to maintain or accelerate schedule, quality, and safety. Angstrom Technology does not certify its own cleanrooms due to the potential conflict of interest. We do, however, have third party certifiers that we’re happy to recommend to you if needed. Though we don’t physically certify our cleanrooms, we do warrant that all of the rooms we build will certify at the ISO classification specified up front.

Training and Service Process

We provide employee training on how to best care for and maintain your cleanroom. We educate customers on how to reduce overall cost of maintenance and continuation of your certification.


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