Cleanroom Curtains

Cleanroom curtains can be an integral part of any type of cleanroom. Maybe you’re manufacturing two different products, and need a way to separate your cleanroom in two. Maybe you want a “cleaner” area of your cleanroom, or maybe you just want a more accessible way of entering the cleanroom from your anteroom. Either way, a cleanroom curtain is the way to go. They offer a simple, accessible, and easy to install method of customizing your cleanroom, so that it works precisely the way you want it to. Here are some of the more specific benefits of cleanroom curtains:

Easy to install

Cleanroom curtains are easy to mount, because you really only have to mount the track with screws or clips, then hang the curtain, and finally install the curtain cover strip. A simple, cheap and easy way to get the job done, with no outside help for installation, there are a few different curtain options: flat-wall, in-jamb ceiling, and suspended ceiling, all of which function to minimize the area that dust and particles can land and stick to.

Curtain Sizes

At Angstrom Technology, we know that your cleanroom will be different than any of our other clients’ custom designed cleanrooms, so we offer a wide variety of all types of our materials. Our cleanroom curtains alone come in a range of sizes and colors to suit any cleanroom need. You have the ability to choose a curtain size anywhere from 4-foot to 16-foot in height. And, if you have concerns about what materials to use, we offer vinyl, anti-static PVC vinyl, vinyl strips, and anti-static vinyl strips, so you can choose whatever suits your cleanroom needs the best.

Curtain colors

The color of your cleanroom can have a big impact on light wavelength control, which is why we offer curtains in a range of colors: clear, frosted, amber, black, white, and anti-static. It’s important to us that you have exactly the cleanroom you need, so we offer a wide variety in all of our supplies and options for your custom cleanroom.

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