Square Feet

  • Industry: Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Location: Cary, IL
  • Project Completed: March, 2018
  • Project Highlights:Two separate modular wall systems were used to complete this cleanroom
  • The new cleanroom was joined to an existing cleanroom during construction to create a seamless appearance within the production space.
  • Modular cleanroom installed over existing production operation.  All production equipment stayed in place during installation.
  • Ceiling at 18’
  • Multiple rooms within the production facility including (2) anterooms, (2) material airlocks, and (1) production office
  • Cleanroom is completely free standing from existing building
  • The cleanroom ceiling system and all ceiling tiles are walkable and self-supported from the ground
  • Network controlled HEPA filtration
  • 12’x12’ roll-up doors for material entry and egress