Square Feet

  • Industry: Biopharmaceutical Research and Development
  • Location: San Antonio, TX
  • Project Completed: September, 2017
  • Project Highlights: Modular Cleanroom Construction
  • (14) Separate rooms within the overall cleanroom facility
  • Network controlled HEPA filtration
  • Ceiling height at 10’ with high bay area in center of cleanroom at 18’High bay approximately 180 square feet
  • Temperature and humidity controlled
  • Removable panel section for equipment entry into cleanroom
  • Sage products was recently acquired by Stryker
  • The cleanroom is for medical device manufacturing
  • ISO 8 classification
  • The ceiling is at 18’ and is completely free standing from the existing building
  • The ceiling system is completely walkable on top for maintenance purposes
  • Room was installed in and around all of the customers robots, conveyors, and other equipment over the course of (6) weeks
  • The majority of electrical and pneumatic lines that were existing stayed in place during construction, and we worked in and around them to ensure that they did not need to be moved