Stainless Steel Utility Cart

Three stainless steel shelves welded to angle legs. Galvanized caster channel frame. Available with standard 1˝-high upturn on ends and rear of top and center shelves, or 1˝-high upturn on all sides of all shelves. Four 4˝-diameter swivel plate casters. 1˝-diameter handle on one end.



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Ideal for light- to medium-duty transport in virtually any environment. Durable, all-welded stainless steel angle leg design. Reinforced hemmed front on heavy gauge stainless steel shelves adds strength where it is needed. Sund deadening panels under shelves for less noise and vibrations. Bumpers on legs and handles protect surroundings. Stainless steel finish promotes ease of cleaning and sanitation.

Features on All Carts

  • Three stainless steel shelves.
  • Type 430 stainless steel shelves and
    angle legs.
  •  Galvanized bottom frame consists of front-to-back caster channels and
    left-to-right support angles.
  •  1˝-high upturns.
  • Each shelf is hemmed for further strength and stability.
  • 121⁄2˝ shelf clearance.
  • Legs provided with bumpers.
  •  4˝-diameter swivel plate casters.
  •  1˝-diameter handle welded to
    angle legs.
  • Corrosion- and stain-resistant.
  • Polished stainless steel finish allows for ease of cleaning and sanitation.

Standard-Duty Cart

• 22-gauge stainless steel shelves.
• 18-gauge stainless steel angle legs.
• 300-lb. weight capacity

Medium-Duty Cart

• 20-gauge stainless steel shelves.
• 16-gauge stainless steel angle legs.
• 500-lb. weight capacity.