Simco-Ion Pulsed DC Ionizing AeroBar® Model 5285

Simco-Ion’s Pulsed DC Ionizing AeroBar® Model 5285 is designed to control static charge in mini-environments, laminar flow hoods and workstations. The Model 5285 features a unique aerodynamic design that ionizes a local area without disrupting laminar flow. Its pulsed DC technology, combined with optimized emitter point spacing, provides uniform performance over the work area. The AeroBar 5285 is used in all types of industries. Best industries being the manufacturing,  general electric and semiconductor

  • Sequenced bipolar ionization
  • Unique aerodynamic design
  • Individual positive and negative power controls at each bar
  • Ion current regulation and operational failure alarm (Model 5285e only)
  • Power supply included
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Input Voltage24 VAC (max) 50/60 Hz, 1W
Output Current<15 microamps; current and voltage limited to eliminate shock hazard
ConnectorsTelco RJ-11 modular jack receptacle on each end of the AeroBar
RegulationOutput and balance stability is achieved by independently regulating the ion emission of each polarity
Output ControlIndependently adjust positive and negative output at each bar
TimingPrecise timing (0-9.9 sec) is supplied by the controller. Two red LEDs on each AeroBar indicate the polarity of the ion emission
Ion EmissionPulsed DC
Emitter PointsSingle-crystal silicon, machined titanium, or tungsten alloy; all replaceable, with an estimated life of 2-3 years, depending on material and environment
MaintenanceAnnual calibration recommended; emitter point inspection and cleaning as environment conditions require
AlarmAlarm operates when the AeroBar is no longer able to maintain the preset ion output regulation. Red LED on the AeroBar and on the Controller (if featured) indicate an alarm condition; optional audible alarm sounds at the 5024 Controller when an alarm event occurs at any AeroBar
Ozone<0.005 ppm (24-hour accumulation)
EMIBelow background level
MountingA variety of mounting methods and clips are available
Dimensions2.1H x 1.2W x 22, 28, 44, 64, or 84L in. (5.3H x 3.0W x 55.8, 71.1, 111.8, 162.6, or 213.4 cm)
Weight6 oz per ft of bar length (0.17 kg per 30 cm)
WarrantyTwo year limited warranty