Simco-Ion IonManager Pro Digital Ionization System Management Software

IonManager Pro software monitors, analyzes, and manages Simco-Ion’s Digital Ceiling ionization system (Digital Ceiling Emitter Model 5515 and Controller Model 5582). The software provides customers with a cost-effective way to manage system maintenance requirements by automating the administration of ionization performance.

IonManager features a simple graphical image of the ionization system with drill-down hierarchy to individual components for instant identification of status and operational parameters. Alarm conditions are easily viewed from real-time graphical displays, email notifications, and integrated summary reports. System performance can be easily analyzed by accessing history logs or by using the software’s statistical and graphing tools. Information can also be exported into common analysis packages.

  • User configurable alarm event notification
  • Real-time data capture
  • User friendly interface
  • Customer configurable
  • Click and drag changes
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Data CollectionRS-485 or Ethernet ports; compares actual measured values to control limit values in real time; produces fault log data stream
Data ArchiverData stream from data collector; creates hour/day/month/year reports; user-selectable polling periods
Output File FormatsCSV (imports into spreadsheets)
Net InterfaceIncoming TCP/IP connections; password verification
Data ViewerArea selector; multiple graphs; user-selectable facility layout display; alarm status colored symbols; live data to historical data
Software RequirementsWindows XP (SP 4) and Win 7
Hardware RequirementsPC-compatible computer with 2 GHz processor, 1GB RAM, CD-ROM, 1024×768 color monitor, Ethernet and RS-232 ports (computer not included); layout drawings of each area are required in jpg, png, or bmp file formats for system configuration
Interface FeaturesOverview of the controller and ionizer system; facility layout
Ionizer CompatibilityModel 5515 Digital Emitter; Model 5582 Controller
OptionsUpgrade to full PEMS