GatorJaw Framework

For manufacturing engineers and plant managers, the GatorJaw Framework System redefines versatility. This high-quality aluminum extrusion incorporates a one-piece fastener (none of those cumbersome T-slot inserts) with the patented square thread design. The fastener tightens down with a quick turn using the GatorJaw tool, included with every purchase. The serrated teeth on the bottom side of the fastener bite in to hold tight.

Use GatorJaw to fabricate machinery guards, enclosures, safety screens and barriers, workstations, tables, carts, in-plant divider walls and conveyor covers. You can easily change your design to meet changing needs on the factory floor.





  • The 1-3/4” square GatorJaw frame rail is extruded from tough, anodized 6063 T-5 aluminum alloy for precision and strength.
  • Square threads running the length of the GatorJaw frame rail fit the matching square threads of the GatorJaw fastener.
  • GatorJaw has built-in channels for insert panels. There is no need to purchase additional profiles. Insert channels accept material from .125” to .250” thick.
  • A smooth center hole running the length of the GatorJaw frame rail accepts casters, leg levelers, and end caps.
  • GatorJaw comes with a full array of brackets and other accessories, allowing you to build virtually anything.
  • The GatorJaw fastener self-locks. No cumbersome locking nuts that almost require a second set of hands for assembly.
  • GatorJaw’s design and flexibility mean's you can readjust and fine-tune your creations to meet any need, function, or surface.
  • Quick assembly means you save labor hours and money. Make attachments at any point along all four sides of the extrusion.
  • Extruded aluminum frames are much lighter than steel or pipe framing.
  • Anodized finish holds up to factory environments, both indoors and outdoors.