Cleanroom Mirror

This cleanroom mirrors channel frame has a one piece 1⁄2″ x 1⁄2″ x 1⁄2″ (20 ga.) type 304 stainless steel roll formed member that encases the mirror and backing. This mirror is installed on two wall brackets and held secure by theft resistant screw.


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  • Frame:  type 304, 20 gauge stainless steel.
  • Glass: Standard 1/4" (6.4mm) thick plate/float, silver coated and hermetically sealed with a uniform copper plating.
  • Filler: Expanded polyethylene microcell foam sheet material, abrasion resistant, shock absorbing and water resistant, 1/8" (3.2mm) total layer thickness.
  • Mirror Size:  (Horizontal) x height (Vertical) for mounting holes.
  • Mounting: Brackets are made to mount the mirror for a full-length view.

Install "H" wall brackets level and plumb per diagram location using ONLY #8 or #10 pan head screws (by others).  Hang mirror on brackets and tighten locking screw (#6-32F x 3/4" philips pan head, supplied separately taped to mirror back) at bottom (note: this screw should be started prior to hanging the mirror on the wall bracket).  For compliance with ADA Accessibility Guidelines, bottom edge of reflecting surface should be no higher than 40" (1016mm) above finished floor.

  • 24" x 60" = 60 LBS.
  • 24" x 48" = 48 LBS.
  • 24" x 30" = 30 LBS.
  • 18" x 36" = 27 LBS.
  • 18" x 24" = 18 LBS.