The pharmaceutical industry requires a cleanroom standard unlike others, as the lives of patients rely on the purity of the product manufactured in the cleanroom. There’s a lot riding on the effectiveness of a pharmaceutical industry cleanroom, including even the reputation of the manufacturer. At Angstrom Technology, we’ve designed countless cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical industry, and we’re confident that we can design the right cleanroom for your pharmaceutical project.

All of our cleanrooms are built to your exact specifications, which means that whatever your cleanroom needs, we can design it for you. We offer HardWall, SoftWall, and RigidWall cleanrooms, all of which are completely customizable to your industry and specific project. Our cleanrooms are also modular, which means you can always expand or move your cleanroom, if your project needs to grow or change.

Cleanrooms designed for the pharmaceutical industry require extra control of contamination, in order to protect the safety of patients, and to protect the reputation of the manufacturer. A few aspects that Angstrom Technology always takes into consideration when designing a pharmaceutical cleanroom are:

  • Sterilized components that are easy to clean.
  • A smooth finish that is easily sterilized.
  • A coating or material that will hold up to disinfectants and detergents.
  • Few projecting ledges or areas that can catch and hold particles.
  • No small recesses or pockets that are impossible to clean.
  • Few electrical sockets that can collect particles.

Designing a Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

We also take into consideration the unique aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, and have provided a few suggestions below that you might consider when designing your cleanroom:

Laminar Air Flow: It’s important to have unidirectional airflow in your pharmaceutical cleanroom in order to capture contaminants both before they enter, and to remove fine powders or chemical fumes via exit filters as the air flows downwards.

Stainless Steel: A great option for pharmaceutical cleanrooms, stainless steel panels are easy to clean and will hold up well to industry-standard disinfectants that can deteriorate other materials.

Strip Shield Access Door: This type of door allows for an easier transfer of bulky chemical containers, but still prevents contaminants from entering the cleanroom. They’re easy to install, and save your employees a lot of hassle in the long run.

HEPA Circulation System: If your production involves a lot of pharmaceutical powders, whether you’re analyzing, measuring or packing, a HEPA circulation system creates a very clean zone inside the room to ensure you’re in compliance with industry standards.

At Angstrom Technology, we regularly work with those who need a cleanroom designed for pharmaceutical standards. We understand the requirements necessary for different pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, including primary production and secondary productions for liquid, semisolid and solid forms. No matter what type of cleanroom your pharmaceutical company is looking for, or what the specifications are, our team can design you the cleanroom that works for your building, and is in compliance with industry standards.


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