Businesses are constantly growing and changing, sometimes too quickly to keep up. And when things change quickly, the company doesn’t always have a lot of time to adjust for new employees or expanding business, so it’s important that you can work with what you have. A great way to optimize your facility’s existing space is to employ the use of modular offices. They’re a quick, affordable, and customizable solution that can expand as your company does.

While Angstrom Technology is the cleanroom expert, the materials used to construct our modular HardWall cleanrooms don’t only function to provide strict environmental control. The prefabricated panels and wall partitions used for our top of the line HardWall cleanrooms are also perfect for modular offices, a great option for an affordable expansion. Since panels are interchangeable, you’re free to move, expand, or minimize your modular office as time goes on and needs change.

The Benefits of an Angstrom Technology Modular Office

They’re easy to clean and require little maintenance, they’re fire and sound resistant, installation is quick and won’t leave a mess, and finally, they’re made of long-lasting durable materials. Whether you need a break room for your manufacturing factory, or you just need a place to store inventory, an Angstrom Technology modular office can be configured to your exact needs.

Common Modular Office and Room Applications

Warehouse Offices:
 It’s beneficial to the production of your company to have supervisors and management close to business operations in order to promote positive communication and increase productivity. Modular offices can be built on the warehouse floor or on mezzanines to maximize both space and visibility.

Break Rooms: Installing a modular break room on your operations floor is a great way to promote employee communication, and give employees a place to relax in a clean, quiet atmosphere. Additionally, it increases productivity, as employees won’t have to travel far to take their breaks in a comfortable rest area.

Storage Rooms: Angstrom Technology’s modular room products are ideal for creating controlled storage rooms for extra parts and valuable tools used in daily operations. Not only do they limit access to authorized personnel, they protect items, and can store objects in a controlled environment if need be.

Machine Enclosures: A modular enclosure can protect fragile machine parts from temperature changes, humidity, and excess particulates, in addition to containing noise from the machine. Great for the life of fragile machines, and an excellent way to cut down on noise pollution in the factory, a modular enclosure is an easy and affordable solution.

Conference Rooms: Whether you regularly have training courses for plant operators, or your safety and production meetings need an appropriate home, a modular conference room on the plant floor is a convenient solution. It keeps employees close to production, and plant operations in plain sight for important meetings, and easily adjustable in case your needs change.

CMM or Quality Control Rooms: If your facility is in need of a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines) room, or any other quality control area, an Angstrom Technology modular environmental control room is a perfect option. Since we typically deal with clean and environmental rooms, we know exactly how to configure a modular room to your precise specifications.

Control Rooms: Modular rooms provide a quiet, clean environment perfectly suited to a control room. Their noise-blocking properties and their environmental control abilities create a partitioned space for control room employees and sensitive equipment.

Inplant Buildings: There is no better, more affordable method of creating an inplant building, than with modular construction. With an Angstrom Technology modular products, you can create any sort of building within your existing building, no matter how tall or large. The bonus is that since modular buildings are completely customizable, they easily adapt to changing floor plans and project goals.

Whatever type of project you’re working on, Angstrom Technology can design a modular office or room suited to your building and project needs. Modular offices are a great, affordable option for quickly growing companies who need to creatively use their existing space, and modular rooms make large warehouse buildings comfortable for off-duty employees and training sessions. With more than 20 years in the industry, Angstrom Technology is sure to design and deliver the modular room or office you’re looking for.

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