Industrial & Manufacturing

In many manufacturing industries, anything from e-cigarette manufacturing to microelectronics, a cleanroom is a requirement. Small particles can get into the working parts of products and hinder they way they perform, and in some cases can even render them totally useless. That’s why contamination control has to comply with certain standards, depending on what is being manufactured.

At Angstrom Technology, we’re familiar with the many facets of the manufacturing industry, and have constructed different cleanrooms to fit many different types of production. Our full range of products allows us to build cleanrooms that comply exactly to your specifications.

We offer HardWall, SoftWall, and RigidWall cleanrooms, all of which are modular, so that they can move and expand as your project does. They can also be taken down, and reinstalled in the event that your company moves, or lays off production for a period of time. Angstrom Technology will also provide you with every single piece of your cleanroom, from HEPA filters right down to sticky flooring.

If your manufacturing company is in need of a cleanroom for your production, Angstrom Technology is your first choice. With more than 27 years experience in the industry, we’ll help you design the cleanroom right for your business and building, and then we’ll build a cleanroom that matches your specifications exactly. If you have questions regarding a cleanroom for your manufacturing project, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


We’re here every step of the way to ensure you get the perfect cleanroom. Submit your request online and one of our cleanroom experts will contact you with your free quote.


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