Environmental rooms: Cleanrooms relaxed

Some industries need controlled environments for their applications, but might not necessarily need one that performs to the strict air-quality standards of a cleanroom. If you need a room that controls temperature, climate, or humidity levels, but doesn’t necessarily have to filter out air particulate, then an environmental might be the right, cost-effective alternative.

An environmental room gives you all of the control that a cleanroom does, without the strict air quality standards. You won’t have to worry about installing large air filters, or figure out exactly what classification standard your room needs to conform to, but you’ll still have complete control over the room’s climate.

Angstrom Technology is a leader in the cleanroom and environmental room industry, and since we design each room individually, you’ll get an environmental room that is built for your unique project, and to your exact specifications. No matter your industry, or your requirements, an environmental room designed by the experts at Angstrom Technology is sure to perform above expectation.

We have designed environmental rooms for a variety of applications, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Product Testing
  • Validated Environmental Storage
  • Laboratory Cold Rooms
  • Stability Rooms
  • Blood Bank
  • Warm Rooms
  • Insect Rearing Rooms
  • Environmental Testing Rooms
  • Process Containment
  • Inventory Housing

Our environmental rooms boast several features that make them perfect for any industry. Here’s what you can expect from an Angstrom Technology environmental room:

Modular: All of our environmental rooms are modular and prefabricated at the factory. This means installation will be quick and painless, and you’ll be able to get your project up and running in no time.

Temperature and Humidity: Your environmental room will be designed to meet the temperature and humidity specifications of your application, and will be equipped with quality controls that closely monitor climate levels, ensuring that your room always remains within the parameters of your requirements.

Refrigeration and Heating: Whether you need a cool or warm environmental room, Angstrom Technology uses the latest equipment and top-of-the-line refrigeration components, heat exchangers, and low watt density heaters. Optimal systems are designed for you based on the load that your room needs to bear. We take into account everything from transition time, line runs, personnel occupancy, and ventilation requirements to ensure that your system will function efficiently, and above expectation.

Built for Your Space: Since we design your environmental room just for your company, it will fit snugly into your building. We can construct a room that utilizes your existing walls, or we can build one that is freestanding. Whatever your preference, we can create an environmental cleanroom that suits your space.

High-Quality Control: Our environmental rooms function in conjunction with user-friendly touchscreen controls, so you always know exactly what your temperature and humidity levels are. Additionally, alarm systems and data recording systems can be configured to ensure precise control of your entire environmental room.

If you thought you needed a cleanroom, but realized the air quality standards were overkill for your purposes, or if you have more questions regarding environmental rooms suited for your application, give Angstrom Technology a call! Our experts can help you decide what your application requires, and then can design an environmental room or cleanroom that meets those requirements. Any room designed by Angstrom Technology will not only meet your precise specifications, but will remain within the constraints of your budget as well.


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