PHILADELPHIA, PA — November 27, 2023: Angstrom Technology, a leading provider of cutting-edge cleanroom solutions, proudly announces the establishment of its Life Sciences Division headquarters at Budd BioWorks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Strategically positioned at 2450 W Hunting Park Avenue, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19129, the new office marks a pivotal milestone in Angstrom Technology’s commitment to the biotechnology field. Jennifer Biro, President of Angstrom Technology’s Life Sciences Division, emphasized the significance of this move, citing the region’s dynamic biotech landscape as a critical factor.

“The decision to locate within the Greater Philadelphia area underlines the region’s commitment to fostering a thriving environment for emerging technology companies. It also underscores the depth of resources, dedication and expertise available,” said Biro. “This further positions Angstrom to actively participate and contribute to the advancements in biotechnology, cell and gene therapy and medical industries.”

The location offers Angstrom Technology unparalleled opportunities to collaborate, access crucial resources and actively participate in Philadelphia’s thriving life sciences sector. Biro added: “This move not only signifies our commitment to our own growth, but also signifies Angstrom’s intention to play an active role in shaping and contributing to the region’s landscape and ability to deliver clients’ needs and wants successfully.”

The new headquarters solidifies Angstrom Technology’s commitment to excellence, innovation and collaborative advancement within the ever-evolving life sciences industry.

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Angstrom Technology is a leading provider of state-of-the-art cleanroom solutions, offering cutting-edge technology and expertise to facilitate advancements in various industries. With a focus on innovation and client satisfaction, Angstrom Technology remains at the forefront of driving progress in cleanroom environments.


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