Designing a Cleanroom on a Budget

Designing a Cleanroom on a Budget

Designing a cleanroom is already a challenge. Add onto that the challenge of limited funds, and your cleanroom design project may seem almost impossible. But even with budget constraints or limitations, you can still design an efficient and effective cleanroom for your application. Here’s everything you need to know about designing a cleanroom on a budget:


How to Determine Your Cleanroom Design Budget

Before you can even begin designing, you need to determine your cleanroom design budget. This blog post breaks down how to do that and what factors you need to consider when making that budget, including cleanroom classification, construction type, and more.


Hidden Cost Benefits to Modular Construction

Anyone who’s pinching pennies on their cleanroom design should look into the possibility of a modular cleanroom. This post outlines the cost benefits to modular construction, from lower sticker price to tax benefits from quicker depreciation, that you may not have considered when writing your initial cleanroom design budget.


Everything You Need to Know About Cleanroom Design

This post has all the information you’ll need to begin your cleanroom design project, from understanding ISO classifications to that all-important consideration: budget.


Cutting Cleanroom Costs

A tight budget doesn’t just affect your cleanroom design project, it can affect the day-to-day operations of your cleanroom as well. And with expensive, state-of-the-art equipment, constant purification and filtration of the air, temperature and humidity controls, and necessary personal protective equipment and cleanroom apparel, operating a cleanroom isn’t cheap. This post outlines a few of the ways you can reduce cleanroom costs during the operation and design phases.


How Does Cleanroom Classification Affect Your Cleanroom Budget?

Your required cleanroom classification has a huge effect on the budget for your cleanroom, both in terms of design and operation of the cleanroom. For many reasons, the more stringent your classification, the more you’ll need to allocate to your cleanroom budget. This post outlines why that is and what it means for your cleanroom and budget.


Designing a cleanroom on a tight budget? A modular cleanroom may be the right solution! Contact Angstrom Technology to discuss how our cleanroom offerings can work for you.

Everything You Need to Know About Modular Construction

Everything You Need to Know About Modular Construction

Whether you’re looking to design a new cleanroom or renovate your building space to accommodate new offices or processes, you may have heard that modular construction is the way to go. Modular construction is trending right now for a few reasons, the primary one being that it’s a smart alternative to traditional construction. If your curiosity has been piqued, here’s everything you need to know about modular construction.


What is a Modular Cleanroom?

Here we break down the basics of modular construction, and what that entails for cleanroom design, construction, installation, and maintenance.


How to Repurpose or Move Your Modular Cleanroom

One of the benefits of modularly constructed cleanrooms is their flexibility and versatility. If you no longer need the cleanroom, you can take it apart and use the components for a new room or space. If you upgrade your facility, you can bring your modular cleanroom with you. This post outlines how to move or repurpose your modular cleanroom and take advantage of that versatility and adaptability.


What is an Inplant Building?

If you’re new to the concept of modular construction, the words “inplant building” might mean nothing to you. But you shouldn’t remain in ignorance. Inplant buildings can be a solution to many of the problems manufacturers with large factory and warehouse facilities face. This post outlines what inplant buildings are and their many benefits and uses.


Hidden Cost Benefits to Modular Construction

Modular construction isn’t the way of the future simply because it’s efficient and flexible—although it certainly is those things—it’s also extremely cost-effective in a variety of ways. This post outlines the ways in which modular construction can save you money, from sticker price to tax breaks!


Modular vs. Traditional Construction for Cleanrooms

This post lays out the differences between constructing a modular cleanroom or going the traditional construction route for your cleanroom. Learn the benefits and drawbacks of each option to help you decide which is right for your cleanroom design project.


How Modular Offices Can Work for Your Company

Modular construction isn’t just for cleanrooms. If you need more office space, but already have a facility, modular offices might be the right solution for your organization. This blog post outlines how modular construction can provide you with the office space you need without extensive renovation of your facilities or costly additions, instead, using space you already have.


Need a modular cleanroom or inplant building? Talk to Angstrom Technology and we can design it and build it!